Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanks from the ACA National Office!

On behalf of the ACA National Office, we would like to thank the entire Surf Kayak Committee, especially Ben Lawry, for all of their time and efforts to develop the new Surf Kayak program. The SEI Department is excited to work with the Surf Kayak community to continue to grow and develop this exicting kayak discipline on both coasts!

Please feel free to contact Jeremy Oyen or Chris Stec at the ACA National Office if you have additional questions.

Mark your calendars for October 30-November 1, 2009 as the ACA will be hosting another Surf Kayak weekend in Virginia Beach, VA. This event will be for those looking to become certified ACA Surf Kayak Instructors as well as current Instructors in need of an Update. More information will be available in early 2009.


Monday, November 10, 2008

ACA Surf Program Up and Running

The ACA is pleased to announce that the Surf Kayak program is now live and running.
The final leg of the process was completed at VA Beach last weekend with an active Instructor Certification Workshop at L2&L3.
With 12 prospective student Instructors and IT's in attendance under the guidence of Ben Lawry, the event even had some quite decent surf. Chris Stec from the SEIC came out to witness first hand the operation.
There are 4 levels under the heading of 'Surf Kayak'. The curriculum starts at Level 1 which is just the basic paddling class. L2 is specific for Sit on Tops and L3 is for any short paddle boat.
At L4 the class is specific for surf designed craft and works heavily on skills progression and advanced rescue techniques.
There are now also two certified Instructor Trainers to facilitate the advancement of surf instructors.
Chuck Conley of VA Beach is now an IT L2 and
Nigel Law of Savannah Canoe & Kayak is IT L3.
Ben Lawry is now an ITE.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Win a Mega Surf Kayak

Mega Kayaks will be the chief sponsor for the Charleston Parks and Rec Surf Competition at Folly beach this year. So among other great prizes there will be a chance for all who take part to win a Mega HDP surf kayak. Brought to you by SC&K. See you there.
Contact Josh or Wendy At Charleston Parks for an entry form and more details.
Josh Hall-
Wendy Wicke -

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ACA - Virginia Beach Meet.

Now is the time to sign up and reserve your place for this excellent one time event. Discounted hotel rates are available at Best Western. Call or for more information.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Paddle Surf Demo - Tybee Island, Ga

Savannah Canoe and Kayak will be hosting another free surf kayak demo on Friday June 13th.
" We find hosting free demo's every month is the best way to introduce people to the sport of paddle surfing". All the HDP Mega boast will be available as well as a few composits. There will also be a bunch of SOT's and a Wave Ski or two to try out. Call them on 912 341 9502 if there is something special you want to try.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Report by Gordon Rock

A less than stellar wave forecast kept a bunch of people away who were driving from some distance, but we had a decent turnout, nonetheless. After a short delay, waiting for the tide to fall, thigh-occ, waist, peelers with an offshore wind, in 70 degree water with 75 degree air temps, we were off like a prom dress!!! The beach was touristy, but every grownup had respect for the contest zone. I saw nothing but smiles from the entrants, which is an organizer's best reward!!! A few of us that regularly compete against each other, got, shall I say "friendly", when competing for waves, WHEEEEEEE!!!! Ya' win some, Ya' lose some. No craft were damaged in the jockeying. Our lone beginer/intermediate held his own just fine whilst sufing with the veterans, and walked away with a $500 gift certificate towards a new custom Tsunami Airski! Several people entered multiple categories, so BTB heats were not unusual. One person surfed in, 9 count-em 9, heats!!! With the increasing skill level, it has been said that there are no easy heats anymore. My first HP heat had to go to 7 waves to find a winner, and the Waveski final was a tie, only to be broken by a decision to award 1st place to the person with the single highest scoring wave. It's been said that small waves bring out the best surfers, and I have to agree. I saw a lot of people take a little wave and tear it up! Afterwards, several of us had a post event wing ding at Paula's and my house for some grilled seafood, corn on the cob, and beers. We talked trash, surfin, and can't wait till next time! Thanks to Tsunami Waveskis for their generous support, My wife Paula for her organizational skills and taking time in between her heats to tabulate, our fantastic ESA judges, Joey Hall for all of his hard work and patience, Russ for whipping us up new flags, and absolutely.... All of the competitors!!! I received thanks from everone for throwing the event, which I really appreciate, but it's the entrants that make the contest, and comeraderie is what brings people back every time.

Results..Master's HP1-Russ Buskirk 2- Nigel Law 3-Paul Scrutton Women's Hp1-Lindsay Usher 2-Kris Whitmore 3- Paula Rock Men's IC1- No seat Pete 2 Joey Hall 3 Antnee Bell Women's IC1-Kris Whitmore 2- Lindsay Usher 3-Paula Rock Master's IC1 Kris Whitmore 2-Russ Buskirk, 3-Pete Titus Men's Hp 1 Antnee Bell 2-Gordon Rock 3-Russ Buskirk Waveski1-Gordon Rock 2-Antnee Bell 3- Russ Buskirk Surf What You Brung1-Russ Buskirk 2-Gordon Rock 3-Lindsay Usher

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tsunami Smash Goes International ?

East Coast Kayak Surfing circuit got off to a bum start at the OBX event last weekend.

For the first time in 1o years the competition did not run due to flat conditions. "It's just one of those things" said ESKA dude Joey Hall. Hey, what you gonna do ? Have a raffle, drink some bear, and organize a game of beach soccer maybe.

However.... in an exciting turn of events, the Tsunami Smash in Surf City on the 17th May has been turned into a World Cup qualifiyer event. But, at such short notice it's highly unlikely to attract any foriegn competitors and has a few surfers a little upset.

"Is this a ploy? "asked a disgruntled Malcolm Piercey of Team Mega in the U>K.

"I think it is totally unreasonable to expect anyone from this side of the pond to be able to organise getting to the event with only one weeks notice."

But then, is there much likely hood of anyone on the east side of the pond coming to an event on the west side ?. No, not really, but it is an interesting point. Many disciplined surfers follow a strict training schedule and plan out their events accordingly.
'Dropping in ' an event can and will cause upsetance.
Standby for more on this one.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

East Coast Comps Kick Off @ OBX.

Next week sees the 08' start of ESKA's competition circuit.

May 3 - 6th Annual Kitty Hawk Kites Surf Kayak Competition @ 1st St. Beach Access, Kill Devil Hills, NC presented by Kitty Hawk Kites. The water of the sound and the Atlantic await the best sea kayakers on the coast as they show what they've got! You won't want to miss this one...come watch these high adrenaline water sports. In addition, Kitty Hawk Kites will have the latest kayaks to demo. Proceeds of the registration of this event will go to benefit a local environmental charity. 877-FLY-THIS or 252-441-4124.

Soon after this is the Topsail Event in Surf City....
May 17 - Tsunami Smash, Surf city, NC - Wilmington NC area.
Contact roadtoad22 AT for more info.

So if you want to see how well your skills are progressing or you just fancy shaking your world up a bit, then head on out to support one of these events. Pre-registration recommended.

Monday, April 14, 2008

SoT's Rock !

Savannah Canoe & Kayak held another rocking surf class yesterday with two students and two perspective surf coaches in training. The conditions on Tybee right now are ideal for these classes, with warm waters and few people in the water. Surf conditions were up to 2ft and clean with a slight offshore breeze. The curriculum for the SOT class can still use some tuning. Stern rudders and Boof strokes serve little practical use. A most useful tool that needs to be incorporated is the Low Brace Rudder - for support, turning and going straight. By teaching the LBR the student is encouraged to turn at the trunk and work on both sides of his boat. This class, at this level is essentially about fun and safety, nothing else. We need to also start thinking about an advanced SOT class. Next Intro SOT class on April 27th....come have some safe fun !

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Folly Beach Surf Class

Water temps for the SE are now into the lower 60's. At Savannah Canoe and Kayak we held our first Surf Kayak class of 2008, at Folly Beach (March 24th). We started out in surf boats but dropped back to SOT's for a little more comfort. The flat water portion of the class, if nothing else, works as great ice breaker and 'loosener'. It is an important and necessary first part of the progression. Yes, in some cases students do go over fairly rudamentary stuff that they already know, but combined with a visualization of where and when the stroke is used it starts to put the student in the surf zone before being in it, even seeing it. It's a great opportunity for the instructor to prepare the students mentally. This is important as it becomes harder to do this 'self visulization' if the class starts on the beach.

After running a bunch of classes last year I have noticed that women take to SoT's much quicker than men. They are much less inhibited and soon feel at ease. The Men seem a little more inhibited, generally slower and hang back. Sounds to me like a great niche for some female surf instructors. ...where are they ?

Surf conditions were small (2ft) but very clean, great shoulders and ideal for the 3 students involved. They got the stoke, their lives now changed for ever. Next class on Tybee Island - April 13th.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

ACA Rewrites, Overhauls Surf Program

ACA Surf Kayak Instructors wanted.

Good to mediocre rates of pay and all the surf you can eat.
Must be flexible and willing to teach by example and have a strong empathy for beginners.
Opportunities for promotion to the West Coast, East Indian Surf Breaks and possible International Surf Teams.
Requirements : Strong foundation in basic paddling skills.
A desire to shred. Complete and pass an ACA ICW.

For the last 12 months the ACA, via Ben Lawry, have been busy rewriting the paddle surfing curriculum.
" I saw a chap at the beach on his S.o.T taking a terrific beating, endangering himself and all the other beach users" said Lawry when asked 'why ?'.
"The ACA has always had a surf program, but it did not address the recreational users on SoTs and Skis so it seemed like a good time to overhaul the whole program".
In the last year, Ben has conducted many Instructor Certification Workshops (ICW). The last one was two weeks ago in Santa Cruz. After each workshop, the course outline has been re-written until it now encompasses the full spectrum of paddler/surfer abilities in a variety of surf craft, in a progressive and safe format. The final step of this process will be conducted at Virginia Beach this coming November. Existing Surf Instructors will be updated and upgraded and new instructors brought into the program. All are welcome. Reserve your place now.

Instructor Certification workshops:
ICW - Savannah -May 10/11 -Basic Surf Kayak
ICW - Port Angeles - Sept 13/14/15 -SoT/ Basic Surf Kayak
ICW - Rhode Island - Sept 27/28/29 -SoT / Basic Surf Kayak
ITDW & Surf Committee meeting -Virginia Beach -Nov 1/2/3

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

West Coast checking in...

Thanks to Ben and Nigel for generating the momentum with this and the surf kayak instructor courses. We really enjoyed our course at Santa Cruz a couple of weeks ago. It was the right mix of learning and play. I will touch base with as many west coasters as possible at the SCKSF this weekend and get back with a West Coast calendar soonest. Here's hoping that Steamer Lane turns on the juice!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome and Thanks

Hello all,
Thanks to Nigel for setting this up -- I hope we can use it to it's full advantage.

Quick reminder about November -- nearly time to start thinking about it. If you think we need to cover some thing -- let me know.

Happy Surfing and Good Luck to those at Santa Cruz this weekend!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Calendar of Competitions for the East Coast

April 26, Cocoa Beach ,FL. put on by Island waveski. This is a United States Waveski Association event, not ACA or ESKA. Double elimination format. Super fun contest! Cash to the winner of the "Open" division, other awards for division winners. contact Roy at Island waveski 321-783-5194

May 3, OBX, kill devil hills, NC. Most likely place to have big contest waves and require new gear and boat repairs afterwards. ESKA sanctioned. Usually has door prizes. Contact Kitty Hawk Kites 877-fly-this Ask for Wes.

May 17, Surf city, NC. Tsunami smash!!! Highlights: Cool T-shirts, Winner of the beginner category gets $500 gift certificate towards a new Tsunami waveski. "Wide Open" or "surf what you brung" division" has a cash payout to the winner. lots of door prizes. Contact Gordon Rock 910-228-7625

September 27. Wrightsville Beach, NC details TBA Contact Gordon at 910-228-7625

October 18, Charleston,SC known for the most coveted trophy on the circuit. Most organized contest around, T-shirts and lots of door prizes. Contact Charleston County Parks and Rec 843-795-7275

Additional dates are possible.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome Surf Committee Members

This is our blog for us to write and all to read.
It is a place to post up coming ACA Surf classes, stories of past classes, news reports and information about the world of paddle surfing. It does not have to be restricted to only ACA relevant content. It is not a forum for 'chat' or for selling gear. Postings need to be informative for all visitors, up to date and relevant to the processes of teaching surf kayaking and paddle surfing competitions. Please add links to it from your websites and direct all and any paddlers to it. And it only works if we keep it up to date. If you have other links you want added then let me know.
Most importantly, it carries the ACA logo and all that it signifies and stands for.
It is a temporary site until something else happens.
So, lets have some fun.