Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome Surf Committee Members

This is our blog for us to write and all to read.
It is a place to post up coming ACA Surf classes, stories of past classes, news reports and information about the world of paddle surfing. It does not have to be restricted to only ACA relevant content. It is not a forum for 'chat' or for selling gear. Postings need to be informative for all visitors, up to date and relevant to the processes of teaching surf kayaking and paddle surfing competitions. Please add links to it from your websites and direct all and any paddlers to it. And it only works if we keep it up to date. If you have other links you want added then let me know.
Most importantly, it carries the ACA logo and all that it signifies and stands for.
It is a temporary site until something else happens.
So, lets have some fun.

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