Monday, November 10, 2008

ACA Surf Program Up and Running

The ACA is pleased to announce that the Surf Kayak program is now live and running.
The final leg of the process was completed at VA Beach last weekend with an active Instructor Certification Workshop at L2&L3.
With 12 prospective student Instructors and IT's in attendance under the guidence of Ben Lawry, the event even had some quite decent surf. Chris Stec from the SEIC came out to witness first hand the operation.
There are 4 levels under the heading of 'Surf Kayak'. The curriculum starts at Level 1 which is just the basic paddling class. L2 is specific for Sit on Tops and L3 is for any short paddle boat.
At L4 the class is specific for surf designed craft and works heavily on skills progression and advanced rescue techniques.
There are now also two certified Instructor Trainers to facilitate the advancement of surf instructors.
Chuck Conley of VA Beach is now an IT L2 and
Nigel Law of Savannah Canoe & Kayak is IT L3.
Ben Lawry is now an ITE.

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