Tuesday, September 1, 2009

U.S WaveSki Nationals- Sebastian Inlet Oct 1,2,3.

The United States Waveski Surfing Championships are held yearly to determine the rankings of the best waveski surfers in the United States. The US Championships has competitors from all over the world trying to take home the coveted Open Championship Trophy. Last years 2008 Championship event held at the world famous “C” Street Break in Ventura, California saw Tony Cherry, from new Zealand, win the US Open!

Waveski surfing is a dynamic form of surfing where the rider is seated and strapped on a craft that resembles a surfboard with a seat and foot-straps. The riders paddle into and surf on waves as big as 12 to 15 feet strapped to a 7 to 9 foot board with a double sided paddle in hand. Waveski surfing is very similar to regular surfing except the wipeouts are bigger, more spectacular, and the maneuvers leave most new spectators wondering, “how did he do that.” Paddle surfing in one form or another is becoming one of the fastest growing watersports in the world and boasts an age demographic from 10 years old to 70+ years. The average age of most competitors is in their 30’s and most travel frequently to surf all over the world. For more info on Waveski Surfing go to http://uswaveski.com or to see video of Waveski Surfing, simply go to YouTube and type in “Waveski”.

Last years 2008 US Waveski Championships brought together the BEST waveskiers in the United States and abroad and produced some of the most extreme waveski surfing seen in the US in many years

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