Saturday, February 7, 2009

West Coast U.S Team Trials

Kate Smith Pictured. Congratulations
It's time to pick the new US West Kayak Team, to represent the USWKA Team at the world Championships in Portugal July 23rd to August 2nd 2009.

Trials will take place at Santa Cruz Surf Fest March 20-22.
Participants must pre-qualify through previous contests.

Congratulations to the following folks, who have qualified for the team based on points:

HP men: Dave Johnston and Matt Radis

IC Men: Dave Johnston and Dennis Judson
(Dave, the team and coach will determine Dave's position)

HP Women: Kate Smith

IC Women: Jameson Riser

Want to qualify for the team? Sign up for team trials at Santa Cruz in March.Athletes who are selected will be asked to commit to attending the World Championships with the submission of a $200 non-refundable deposit. Top ranked surfers who decline to commit will relinquish their place to the next person on the Ranking List. Monies from this process will be used to facilitate sending athletes to the up coming World Championships.

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