Monday, January 5, 2009

Free Surf Kayak, Sir

Robert Taylor stopped by Savanna Canoe and Kayak to pick up his free composite Mega Surf Kayak. Robert won the striking red and black carbon Kevlar Merlin a while back when he entered Mega's 'name the boat' competition. Savannah Canoe and Kayak was glad to help with the shipping of the boat across the pond.
" I thought the name should start with an 'M', like Malcolm and Mega and that the boat looked wizard like with the very up swept bow" said Robert when asked how he came up with the name Merlin.
After Robert's kids jumped in the boat, dad tried it on and found it a perfect fit. We then headed out to the beach for a quick 'splash and slash'.
Coming from the hills of Tennessee, this is Roberts first surf specific kayak and he was very eager to see how different it handled the surf from his ww boat.
" We will be making more trips to Tybee and Folly in '09". said the elated prize winner.

What a great way to start the year...$2000 of super fantastic high performance surf boat compliments of Mr Mega. This is the second Mega surf boat give away SC& K has been involved with in the last few months.
A big thanks to Malcolm Mega for putting up continued incentives and great support for the paddle surfing scene. Rock on big daddy.
Valley, P&H...your up !.

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keith wikle said...

Very nicely done Rob!

Looks like a sweet ride!